Spending and Debt


Debt Ceiling: I would not vote to raise the debt ceiling limit except for emergencies such as war and major natural disasters. Those measures would be temporary with repayment plan built in or I will not vote for them. Furthermore, I would work steadfastly at all times and on all bills to lower the debt, spending, and tax rates. My 503 IRS elimination plan includes 1% sales tax dedicated to debt reduction.

Statism: Growth of government into a hyper-expensive debt-mongering overly regulatory and un-Constitutionally intrusive juggernaut took many years to grow. A reasonable, surgical, steady approach to cutting excessive taxes and stopping the over-the-top spending and decreasing over-regulation is the proper, effective, ethical way out of this mess.

Balanced Budget Amendment: The federal government budget shall be tied to GDP at a fixed percentage with a slight reduction in debt of 1% annually mandated.

Replace The IRS: Language must be added to the 16th amendment which specifies how the government can raise money. This language should be a national sales tax with no personal income tax and a corporate sales tax with percentage limitations. The Congress would retain the ability to set the national sales tax rate and corporate sales tax rates ONLY.