Right To Life

A Prayer for Life

As we approach yet another National Sanctity of Human Life Day on Sunday, January 21, my prayers remain as always with the unborn and their parents. And again, I pray that we can continue to make progress in the fight for life.

In the more than three decades since President Ronald Reagan declared the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day, millions of babies have been killed by abortionists. Even one abortion is too many, and what we have seen since the Supreme Court gave its blessing to abortion is nothing short of a holocaust.

We will never know whether one of those babies might have grown up to find a cure for cancer, or might have become the president that could have finally united us as a nation. Regardless of how their lives might have gone, each one of them had a right to be born – a right that our society should recognize, but fails to.

Along with other supporters of life, I am heartened by the trends that show the number of abortions, and the abortion rate, are dropping. That tells us that our efforts at fostering a culture of life are paying off, although far too slowly. Scientific advances have helped more people see what we supporters of life have always known: that what is inside a woman’s body is indeed a baby. Not a fetus, not a clump of cells, but a baby, from the moment of conception onward.

Our work continues, and I pledge to you that I will work in Washington as your U.S. Representative to advance the pro-life movement in every way that I can. The steps we take forward may be incremental, due to the realities of politics, but we have to continue to fight for every advancement that favors life and further limits the opportunity to kill the unborn.

With one political party unflinchingly dedicated to abortion, and with too many of my Republican colleagues lukewarm on protecting the most innocent among us, progress will never be as fast as we would like. But we must fight, and I can promise you that is what I will do once elected.