Issues & Solutions

Obamacare:  Obamacare has been a phenomenal failure. The exchanges don't work. The site has failed. Costs have skyrocketed. Millions have lost coverage. And the taxes and increased costs have yet to arrive. Obamacare must be repealed. However, repeal alone does not fix the problem for millions of Americans who are, or will be, losing their healthcare. I am committed to introducing a market-based solution within six months of taking office. My model is based upon the successful automobile insurance market. It would remove the federal government from the solution, allow consumers to purchase only the coverage they want and need, and allow healthcare insurers the flexibility to tailor their plans to consumer needs across state boundaries. If allowed to function free of government control, this approach would bring down costs and allow our healthcare system to be the envy of the world once again.
Statism:  As an example of the federal government simply getting far too large for its citizens, I want to stop Obamacare in its tracks. I seek to replace it with a plan that gives citizens more freedom and choice, but if necessary, will work to take this program apart one piece at a time. I also want to strive to educate all voters and citizens of the risk that an overly large government poses to their economic opportunities and to America's future.
IRS and Taxes: I have proposed to eliminate the IRS and replace it with a nationwide sales tax. My 503 IRS Elimination Plan:
•5 - It would replace federal income taxes with a 5 percent national sales tax on all goods except food and medical.
•0 - It would exempt all small businesses with gross revenue below $2 million from federal corporate taxes.
•3 - It would levy a 3 percent corporate tax on the gross revenues over $2 million of all companies in the U.S.
Immigration Reform:  The Ken Cope 4-Part Immigration Plan would include:
  1. Secure the border with a fence, to be built using the Army Corp of Engineers.  To included:
    • High tech surveillance, including tunnel and seismic technology
    • A highly mobile Border Patrol with air assets and drug sniffing dogs.
    • At the Governor's discretion, National Guard units in training, on stand-by, and as active support units, and providing logistics and infrastructure.
  2. Overhaul the immigration entrance system by:
    • Lowering fees to a reasonable and affordable level
    • Simplifying and accelerating the process
    • Issuing provisional Social Security cards for other illegal immigrants that would legalize their status, but not confer citizenship, assuring they pay taxes.
    • Offering illegal aliens an opportunity to become documented workers who pay taxes
    • Limiting the number of immigrants overall, denying anyone with a criminal record and anyone previously deported
  3.  Illegal aliens who do not come forward within six months of the passage of this law would risk deportation upon detection.
  4. Upon completion of the border fence, all incarcerated illegal aliens and those with prior convictions would be deported.
Restoring Capitalism:  Specifically remove job-killing EPA regulations, terminating all quotas, ending affirmative action, mandating a debt ceiling, and reforming Social Security.
Debt Ceiling:  As your Senator, I will never vote to raise the debt ceiling limit except for emergencies such as war and major natural disasters. I believe there should be a fixed cap linked to national GDP, with an exception for direct wartime expenditures in time of war only. Furthermore, I will work steadfastly to lower the debt, spending, and taxes.
Gun Control:  I believe the Second Amendment is clear and sacred, and oppose any form of national firearms registry.
I do NOT support registration, background checks, concealed carry licensure, or any sort or type of intrusion on the right of a free people to keep and bear arms.
Term Limits And Campaign Finance:  I believe that U.S. Senators should limit themselves to two consecutive terms and U.S. Representatives to six consecutive terms in the absence of Constitutional term limits. As your Senator, I vow to serve no more than two terms as outlined in my Contract with Texas. For my second term I would do no fund-raising until 18 months before the election; I do not believe Senators or Representatives should carry over campaign funds from election to election. After this election, I commit to contribute the balance in the account to charitable organizations such as Wounded Warriors and groups aiding battered women.
Foreign Relations:  I believe the U.S. must stand with Israel as our longtime ally and as the only pluralistic democratic nation in the Middle East. In regards to Iran, I believe tough sanctions have had an impact and that the current "deal" does almost nothing to deter Iran from becoming a nuclear power. We must continue to stand by tough sanctions and make it clear to the Iranians that military action is always an option.   
Extermination: I oppose abortion in all cases except for rape, incest, or threats to the mother's health. I oppose Planned Parenthood and its modern Eugenics activities in exterminating Black, Hispanic, and poor babies.
Common Core: I believe that control of education belongs with the states, with local governments, and especially parents – NOT the federal government. That is how we avoid progressive propaganda masquerading as educational standards
Constitutional Convention:  I support the following Amendments and actions:
  • The Reflexive Amendment.  All laws passed by Congress apply equally to the American people and to Congress.
  • Repeal the 17th Amendment.  Return elections for the Senate to control by the state legislatures. The media has taken control of these federalized elections and that is why we suffer a leftist Senate today.
  • A Balanced Budget Amendment.  The federal government budget shall be tied to GDP at a fixed percentage with a slight reduction in debt of 1% annually mandated.
Social Security:  Reduce the Federal Reserve reimbursement rate from 6% to 4.2%. Younger citizens will have the option of opting out of social security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and will take care of their own retirement and medical insurance needs. Decrease Social Security by a small percentage annually until no payment is greater than 120% of GAO calculated special medical needs and cost of living.
Veteran Support:  Our Veterans have heroically defended and sacrificed for our freedom and our security. I strongly support all Veterans support efforts, especially the Wounded Warrior Project. I am a Veteran, leave no Soldier behind is not just a saying, it's how we Soldiers live. As your Senator, I will vigorously bring forth my understanding of the issues our Veterans face and my office will be a beacon of aid to all Veterans who contact me and my staff.
New Breed Conservative Republican Leadership:   Our party has allowed itself to be identified as a heartless and non-caring group of right wing extremists. In the process, the party has alienated the Tea Party, minorities, women and the poor. This is not the party that I believe that it should, and can be. I believe that our party can and should actively appeal to these groups through actions and a presence in their neighborhoods and lives. We must re-take the high ground and communicate, “Come home to the Republican Party”.  In the process and as conservatives, we must preserve property rights, personal liberties, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have seen the wreckage economically, upon the fabric of society, and upon our rights by establishment professional moderates who always capitulate and cave in to the left. I am a strong man of conviction and steadfast faith.  I will never vote in support of abortion, to cite but one example.